20 Accommodation facilities of every category are available to amateur cyclists, with cycling tourism facilities that are second to none: this is ADRIABIKES HOTEL
Who we are
Adria Bikes Hotel-ABH comprises a select group of Agritourist accommodation facilities and Hotels of all categories in the northern Adriatic region - Jesolo, Cavallino- Treporti, Eraclea, Ceggia, Musile and San Donà – all offering specialized cycling facilities. Each of these operators provides the highest level of service to bicycle tourists and cyclists in general who want a healthy, active holiday in the Eastern Veneto region, where specialist services are available to cyclists and their families. While pedalling between the north-Adriatic coastline and the hinterland, immersed in Nature and history and surrounded by tradition, great food and fi ne wines, whether you are a two-wheel tourist or a professional cyclist, you can count on a full range of ad-hoc services provided by the operators belonging to ABH, which include: ● Cycling routes in the immediate vicinity of the facility ● Accommodation in the facility, even for a single night ● Free Wi-Fi ● Secure bicycle storage at the hotel ● Bike washing and laundry service ● Mechanical assistance (subject to agreement) and small workshop at the hotel ● High-energy cyclist’s breakfast and packed meals ●Tasting of wines and local produce from ABH Agritourism facilities adhering to the “Adria Farm” project ● Organized bike tours for individuals and groups ● Expert cycle tourist guides ● Bike hire ● Medical assistance and physiotherapy (subject to agreement) ● Minivan for roadside assistance, emergency service and transfer to and from airport; baggage transfer ● Car hire (subject to agreement)

Bicycle tourist or professional cyclist?

Tutti i venerdì da: Piazza Brescia Jesolo(VE)
Jesolo - Laguna Nord - Cavallino
THE LAGOON TOUR By Bike & Boat to visit the North-Lagoon of Venice
Green riverbanks, ancient coasts and fi shing valleys: with boat and bike!
Every Friday, with SlowVenice’s environmental guides, we start cycling from Jesolo Lido and follow the banks of the River Sile - Piave Vecchia for a plunge into the local history of the Serenissima touching the quiet of Lio Maggiore immersed in the fi shing valleys of the lagoon. From there a short boat trip and return to Cavallino and a last push on the pedals back to the golden sands of the coast.

Price (guide and boat) adults €25 - children 6/12 years €15 - 0/6 free. For hotels/camping who have an agreement with us - adults €15 - children 6/12 years €10 - 0/6 free. Ask at the reception!
Via Roma Destra 140 - 30016 Jesolo (VE)
Cell: +39 347 5472447 / +39 335 6420438
As well as Adriabikeshotel, the Healthy Holiday includes two “Specialty Product” clubs which require members to observe a functional and efficient quality protocol designed to ensure that the member structures respond ever more effectively to the requirements of the clients, performing regular self-assessment procedures and assuring constant improvements in quality.
Jesolo Bike Hotel
The first of these clubs is the Jesolo BikeHotel, which caters specifically to those who love cycling - those for whom pedalling is almost a religion as well as those who cycle just for the fun of it. Immersed in the lush green countryside, criss-crossed by rivers of a rare beauty and listening to the hum of the tyres on these delightful roads just a stone’s throw from Venice. Jesolo’s BikeHotels recommend the JesoloAmbientBike cycling routes and the unique “Girolaguna” event.
Walkhotel Jesolo
The other club is the Jesolo Walkhotel, which is dedicated to those who wish to spend their holiday immersed in nature, in direct contact with the countryside. There is so much to explore – discover hidden paths, crossings, and quiet corners, all far from the noise and frenzy of city life. All you need is a pair of hiking boots and the desire to walk in the natural countryside. Jointly with instructors from the Jesolo’s Nordic Walking Association, we have selected three interesting routes which weave through unspoilt natural surroundings between the lagoon and its banks, the sea and the miles-long beach.
In addition, the WalkHotels offer their guests two spectacular “happenings in movement” experiences: “Moonlight Beach Walking”, a romantic stroll along the seafront under the full moon (once monthly), and “SunRise Beach Walking”, three times each week at a pre-defined time in the early morning and at three different points along the beach (the east, centre and west zones of Jesolo), offering the best way of toning the muscles by walking with our fantastic instructors.